Climate Change Memory - It's fun to play your life more sustainable

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Hello, I’m Remco, co-founder and designer of Zuperzozial. Zuperzozial is a brand that focuses on sustainable living.

At home, I also try to live as sustainably as possible. My children help me with that too. It’s already quite a normal concept for them. They come up with all kinds of environmentally friendly solutions for our family. For example, my daughter became a vegetarian. And now we rarely eat meat anymore.



Their enthusiasm and open mind for making the world more sustainable gave us the idea to invent a game. You probably know, Memory. But not the old-school version. I am talking about Climate Change Memory. The two matching cards are not identical. Instead, they show the opposite.

Climate Change Memory is a super fun game to play with children but also with adults. The results are surprising and raise all kinds of relevant questions that get everyone thinking and acting (we hope!).



A manual in English, Dutch and German, describes the changes you can make in your own lives to reduce your carbon footprint. It is often the small things that lead to big results. For example, eating seasonal vegetables more often. Or taking the bicycle instead of the car.



Talking about carbon footprint; for every game purchased, we will donate 1 euro to projects that are taking concrete steps to tackling climate change.

The game is produced in the EU. It is made from FSC cardboard and printed using bio-ink.

Climate Change Memory contains 60 cards, which is 30 pairs. That's 30 questions, 30 solutions and 30 ideas that will inspire you. But if you order the game now, we will add 12 cards. That's 6 extra ideas for free.

It's fun to play your life more sustainably. So play this Memory game and help stop Climate Change.



Click here and order one now during our Kickstarter-campagne