Tutti Frutti

Mega bowl

D 32 x H 7 cm

Based on bamboo and corn

70% to 80% plantfibers,

reinforced with melamine resin

Dishwasher proof

Suitable for hot and cold

Environmentally friendly and for long term use


Also available: Super Bowl, Big Bowl, Sale&Ed, Smug Jug, Foursquare Serving Mate, Never Ending Bowls


YouTube- Fruit Bowl

YouTube- Salad Bowl


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This multi functional mega bowl is the organizer for your kitchen. Of course suitable for fruit and vegetables, but also your keys never get lost again.



Diese vielseitige Riesen-Schale bringt Ordnung in jede Küche. Natürlich ist sie geeingnet für Gemüse oder Früchte, aber auch die Schlüssel gehen nie wieder verloren.



Deze multi functionele mega schaal is de organizer voor je keuken. Natuurlijk geschikt voor groente en fruit, maar ook je sleutels raak je nooit meer kwijt!